Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd. is in the business of manufacturing pigments. Pigments are basically colourants, adding colour to everything around us, namely ink, paints, plastics, textiles, rubber etc.

Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd. is a leading player in the Indian Pigment industry and intends to become a leading manufacturer of pigments around the world. The company is in the manufacturing of CPC Beta Blue and Blue Crude, exporting substantial production to leading MNCs around the world on account of quality of its products.

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Exporters of superior quality pigments


The company is constantly enduring networks with global giants around the world market and has been serving its clientele from USA, Japan, Korea, Italy and S.Africa and India since past 25 years.

A constant focus on sustainable mutual growth and re-investment in new products has given birth to one of the Asia’s biggest pigment manufacturing giant, Asahi.


The company has a proper and adequate system of internal controls commensurate in its business operations to ensure timely and accurate financial reporting with proper accounting standards.

Internal Auditors of the company review the internal control system on a regular basis for its effectiveness and necessary changes and suggestions. Internal audit reports are also viewed by the audit committee of the board.


The company’s dynamic strategies are always inclined towards better productivity, capacity enhancement, overall cost control, customer satisfaction, new product addition, environment and safety management and better working capital management.

Its’ aim is to become a market leader in the pigment industry in the process of adding new products in its basket in future.